WSOP Online Championship

Review of WSOP Online Championship

WSOP Online Poker has just finished with it’s first series, the WSOPOC, or the World Series Of Poker’s Online Championship.

There were 15 events in total, highlighted by their $500 buyin $100,000 guaranteed, as well as a $215 buyin $200,000 guaranteed.

The series seemed to go well overall, with many of the events not reaching their guarantee meaning the site gave away extra money in most events, referred to as an ‘overlay’. In fact, their $200,000 guaranteed series finale only reached about $100,000 in actual player buyins, leaving an astounding $100,000 overlay!

I’ve played online poker for a long time, and this type of overlay is certainly rare, and amazing value for the players.

The blind structure of these tournaments, as well as blind levels and starting stacks (of the rebuys & addons tournaments in particular) has also been praised by the NJ online poker community.

No Chops

A noticeable amount of conversation was going on at the tables about the players’ inability to ‘chop’ or split up the remaining prize pool upon reaching the final table or final few players.

Most online poker websites, including other NJ poker sites, have this ability. Players clearly we’re voicing their opinion on this subject, and it will be interesting to see if WSOP soon applies this feature to their final tables.

More series’ to come?

The question on NJ online poker players’ minds is now ‘When will the next NJ online poker series be?’.  After Party Poker & The Borgata’s first online series, and now WSOP’s, the players are certainly thirsty for more.

Although unclear at the moment, it is probable that we will see all of the NJ poker sites producing more of these events and series’, as so far they have proven to be successful (in the players eyes at least).

The companies may have had to shell out some additional money in overlay’s, but it seems that the amount of exposure, attention, and promotion that these successful events have gained them has made it successful and worth while for them as well.

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