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WSOP Quick Review

Traffic - 7
Promotions - 5
Software - 7
Support - 8



WSOP is a top notch NJ poker site with great nightly tournaments, cash games, and new promotions and events every month.


WSOP Software Review

WSOP Mobile Review

How To Register WSOP

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WSOP Cash Games

Averages about 100-150 people playing cash games at any given time. Stakes being played most are anywhere from .1/.2 up to $5/10. Pot Limit Omaha and stud games are also available.

WSOP Tournaments

Has daily $5 rebuys, a night slate filled with $10 rebuys, as well as a nightly $10k and $5k guaranteed.

Current Majors:

Daily 5k  |  $5,000 Guaranteed  |  Buyin $11 (Rebuy)  |  Monday – Sunday 9:00 PM

Nightly 10k  |  $10,000 Guaranteed  |  Buyin $27.50 (Rebuy)  |  Monday – Sunday 7:00 PM

Sunday 50k  |  $25,000 Guaranteed  |  Buyin $215  |  Sunday 6:00 PM

They have a number of other $500 Guaranteed – $10,000 Guaranteed tournaments throughout the day, as well as weekend specials.

WSOP Promotions

WSOP has a rewards system that pays you cash for player points. They also run a poker tournament series every few months that draws many players. Sign up here and get your 100% deposit bonus up to $400!

3 replies
    • LOBO
      LOBO says:

      I played @ NJWSOP for almost 4 months . I saw more bad beats than I could keep track of. I believe it has a rating system that works simultaneously w/ the (not-so) random number generator . Higher rated players become the suckers , as the lower rated players seem to get a HUGE ammount of “help” w/the community cards . The idea of having a program that “levels the playing field” between good hands & bad hands is nothing more than a soft way of describing a cheat program . Since MOST online poker sites have incorporated this practice , it has helped increase their bottom line . When money enters the picture , fair-play goes out the window .

      • Dave Weeks
        Dave Weeks says:

        I have played poker a long time, and I understand the angle you point out. However WSOP and the other NJ poker sites are completely safe, as well regulated as regulated by the state of New Jersey. I have also been playing these sites for about 5 months, and although sometimes I am convinced my account is cursed, I can say that they are 100% legitimate with the utmost confidence. I hope you give them another chance!!


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