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Where are the U.S. poker players?

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Before the ever fateful “Black Friday” in the online poker world (April 15th, 2011), there were many millions of Americans that were signed up to online poker sites.

In fact, about 200,000 of these American players were logged on to these poker sites at any given time.


The question now is this: Where are all of these American online poker players?


Well, some just don’t play anymore. The fact that you are unable to play on the large (and legitimate) websites from the states is enough for most players to just throw in the towel.

Some have moved out of the country.  That’s right.  For better or worse, many online poker players have made the move so they could keep playing the game they love, or the game that makes them their living.

Some play the smaller sites that are still available throughout the U.S. such as Bovada Poker. While these sites are still playable, the games are smaller, and geared a bit more towards amateur gamblers (Bovada sports-betters & such).



And then there are those who are taking advantage of the new, emerging U.S. online poker industry. However, these players must be inside the state borders of New Jersey, Nevada, or Delaware to play these sites. All in all, less than 1% of the online poker players in the U.S. are able to play online poker today. That is a shockingly low number, especially when considering that the U.S. players were the online poker sites’ largest market.

New Jersey seems to be taking the lead within the U.S. online poker industry, with other states following close behind.  Not only Nevada and Delaware, but many other states plan on passing pro-online poker legislation in the coming year.  California and Virginia are tapped to be among the next states to do so. Hopefully as this industry re-develops here in the U.S. we can see more players begin to come out and play.

Online poker can be a great thing, not only for casual and professional players, but also the states and governments. There is a lot of money to be made by all, as well as jobs to be created in the industry as a whole.

Lets all who are interested help grow this market back to where it was, and where it should be.  With all of our help, we can make it better and stronger than it was before. As of now, only 1% of the players are playing. This needs to change, and it needs to change fast.



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