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Online Poker, A Click Back Into The Past

AHH… the good old days.

I don’t know about most of you, but I remember a time when the online felt was as far as the eye could see. MTTs every hour of every day.  That’s right, you know what I’m talking about…  Pre-Black Friday.

Paradise Poker, Bodog (before it became Bovada), Absolute Poker, Full Tilt, and of course Poker Stars.

For me this was right around college. You know those 2 AM, half in the bag, join anything after a hot-pocket grind sessions. Online poker in the U.S. was plentiful, and a great game was just a click away no matter what time of the day.

Will online poker in the U.S. ever be as awesome as it once was?

I will go all in on this and say I believe the answer is a very clear yes. There’s too much passion, interest, and money around this recreational sport to be held down for long.

Online poker needs regulation to protect the players from fraud and greed, and also needs safeguards to protect the uninformed and those susceptible to self-inflicted overuse by their irresponsible play.

But mostly online poker needs players.  A significant volume of players will help create incentives for better and more robust poker sites.  In some respects it represents a cycle.  Players need to play despite the modest prize pools, so that the prize pools can grow which will then induce more players to join, and the games to get better.

As there is responsibility on the sites and the regulators to make an attractive and safe platform for players to participate, it is also the responsibility of the players to get involved and build the online poker community.  It is a partnership.  An unholy alliance in some ways, but necessary.

Let’s make New Jersey the ultimate example of a strong, domestic online poker environment.   The industry may very well hinge on it.   So get involved, sign up and play some games, and help to build the community.

What can you do? If you are from New Jersey, Nevada, or Delaware signup! If your unable to signup but still want to get involved check out the Poker Players Alliance.


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NJ Poker Site - The Future Of Online Poker In America

The Future Of Online Poker In America

What lies ahead for the online poker industry in the United States?

Although online poker in New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware is off to a slower start than anticipated, the future remains bright.

New Jersey has taken the first few leaps in this new industry, and their first year forecast called for approximately 1 million player signups, and $1 billion in state revenue. This may have been a bit of an over promise, as the actual numbers put New Jersey on pace for less than half of that.

Currently in New Jersey, you can play at 5 different sites: WSOP Poker, Borgata Poker, Party Poker, 888, and Ultimate Poker. To their credit, these sites have all put together great initial products, and their games are already getting relatively big.



Slow start, strong finish?

To be clear, NJ online poker really isn’t off to that bad of a start, it’s just going slower than most had hoped. Let’s discuss some of the primary reasons for this.

Politics: An easy place to start is with the aggressive opposition to online poker from corporate interests. More specifically, billionaire casino tycoons including Sheldon Adelson, as well as his stable of politicians and lobbyists are still a major force standing in the way of online poker and gambling regulation. You can read more about this here.

Connection Issues: Another reason for the lack of player signups is the connection issues involved in trying to play on the sites from certain locations. People that live on the border of NJ and another state are unable to play all of the poker sites. This is due to the IP detection software that each poker site is mandated to have. Basically, part of state regulation is to make sure that players are not playing from outside of New Jersey. They certainly are accomplishing this, however the software is still primitive in the sense that many players within state borders cannot play. This issue is being worked on daily, and to the sites’ credit it continues to improve and is expected to be totally resolved in the near future.

Low Populations: As for Delaware and Nevada, they have an issue of population. There just aren’t that many people in these states. Nevada has 2.7 million residents, and Delaware just under 1 million. This is compared to the nearly 9 million citizens of New Jersey. This does not mean that they can’t make it work, but it will be a bit more challenging for them than other states with larger populations to get started.

The Process Takes Time: Perhaps mostly, it’s due to the fact that the process of introducing legislation, getting it passed, marketing it, working out the kinks, and organically growing the market simply takes time.


The future is bright.

Now let’s discuss why the future of online poker looks strong.

Interstate Play: It is starting to look very likely that we will be seeing interstate play happen. Players who are playing in any of the online-poker-friendly states will be able to play against players in other legal states. The combined population of these site’s will surely make the games much bigger, and much better.

States Waiting In The Wings: 11 U.S. states have now given online poker legislation consideration including California, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Hawaii, Louisiana and Iowa. California has by far the largest population of people in the country, with nearly 40 million people. This would ensure online poker and gambling in California gets a good shot to get up and going fast.  Like New Jersey and Nevada, California (who aims to have online gambling passed by early 2015) will be a guinea pig for other states looking to legalize online gambling.  This will provide the other states with an example to help with their implementation. After California, it is likely that other states will soon follow.

There’s not a damn state in this nation that rises above California. We are the leaders in all of these things, and we’ll continue to be the leader. The reason why it’s taken us so long is because we want to continue to be the leader and do it right.” – California Assemblyman Isadore Hall, Chairman of the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee that includes gambling-related concerns.

Promotional Events: Each of the New Jersey poker sites are running their own tournament series’ and events, that are drawing more players into the pool. They have been surprisingly very successful so far, and we should see these events get even better and draw in even more players.

International Legislation: A bill being introduced to New Jersey calls for “a massive expansion of the existing real-money online gambling in the state” if passed. This doesn’t mean New Jersey players will be able to play against players from other countries, but it opens the door for this happening in the future.

The Return Of Poker Stars & Full Tilt Poker: Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker we’re expected to be in New Jersey from the beginning, but a few hiccups are still standing in the way. However it is now rumored that they will make their return to the U.S. in early 2015.  This would have an immediate impact on the U.S. industry, due to these sites’ vast resources and ability to draw in players and host big games immediately.


Not from New Jersey? Click here to play online poker on Bovada from anywhere in the states!


Get out there and sign up!

To conclude, it is not known exactly how this will all shake out. It will be interesting to see how it all develops. But as more states legalize online gambling, and more players sign up, the industry will continue to become stronger and better for everyone involved. So get out there and sign up!

I’ve been playing online poker now for a long time, and I have no doubt that with a little bit of time and a few fortunate breaks, online poker in America will flourish, and the games will be better than ever before.

See you on the felt.


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NJ Poker Site - NJCOP Controversy

Controversy in the NJCOP High Roller – NJ Online Poker

Party Poker and Borgata Poker have just finished their first big promotional series, the ‘New Jersey Championship of Online Poker‘ or the NJCOP.

Overall the series was a great success, with over 15 events and hundreds of thousands in prizes. The sites were able to sign up many new players and they filled up every event.

Hopefully this success will breed similar promotions and events throughout online poker within NJ and the US.



The Controversy

The series did not go over flawlessly however. There seems to be some controversy over their largest buy-in event, the $500 entry ‘High Roller’, and it has left many players with a sour taste in their mouths. What’s worse is it’s causing concern to other current and potential players who now worry about the integrity of these new poker sites.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

While promoting the NJCOP series, Party Poker and Borgata announced that they would be featuring their $500 ‘High Roller’ event, and that they would be guaranteeing $30,000 to the prize pool. Of this $30,000, 1st place would be guaranteed $20,000, and 2nd place would be guaranteed a $10,000 payday. Additional prize-pool money would be dispersed among the rest of the players that finished within the money. *Correction. This last sentence was reported to the players that inquired during the tournament by the site representatives. It was not promoted exactly how many players would pay out beforehand.

The tournament was a hit, crushing the prize pool of $30,000 and totaling just about $70,000 with over 150 entrants.

However when the tournament began, players realized that the tournament lobby showed that still only the first 2 spots payed, and were to be paid the entire prize pool; $46,000 first, and about $23,000 to 2nd.

NJ Poker Site - NJCOP Controversy

Immediately the chatter at the tables started, and poker forums started lighting up with players questioning if this was a mistake, and calling for clarification.

Players began live chatting with site representatives, emailing them, and calling the sites on the phone. The response given to them was consistent: The tournament lobby was an error, and they were working diligently to fix it but had no further information at that time.

The players in the tournament were left unsure, uncomfortable, and angry over this error.

The reasons for the anger ranged from players being unsure of how many entrants would pay out in such a large buyin event, no clarification from the sites, and the tournament itself being misrepresented. Most of the players complained that they would not have joined such an expensive tournament had they known only the top 2 would pay, as it was never stated that the payout percentages would be different than their other tournaments.

The buyin amount is large, but cashing at a final table like this can be life changing for some people.

The primary point being made by players is that if the sites make a mistake at the players’ expense and refuse to rectify it, then the trust between the site and the player is broken.

When it comes down to players depositing money onto online poker sites, as well as online poker sites succeeding in the industry, the trust and integrity of the companies that hold the money is paramount. Although this concept is the same in any business, it is especially important in the online poker industry. This is mostly due to other poker sites in the recent past having shattered the players’ trust with scandals, cheating, and players’ money not being safe.

This was an error made by Party Poker and Borgata, and they rightfully have acknowledged it. They are now in a tough spot, and what they decide to do will tell their players a lot about how they will conduct business in the future. It actually puts them in a unique position to perhaps go above and beyond to satisfy their customers, and establish an even stronger trust among their players in what has become a very untrustworthy industry.



It will be interesting to see how this one pans out, and what resolution the sites ultimately come to. There are many current and potential U.S. online players watching to see how they deal with this. These players are very interested in which companies will take care of their players.

Errors happen every day in business, but in the words of O.A. Battista, “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

We’ll keep you updated on any news regarding this issue.

What do you think?


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5k BR strat

How To Make $5k a Month On New Jersey Online Poker Sites

Recently I was asked what the best way to make $5,000 + a month playing tournament online poker, from New Jersey.

Even though you may not be able to access some of the big international sites such as Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker from the states, this goal is definitely reachable.

The strategy that I have outlined in this article revolves around playing approximately 30 – 40 hours a week, 5 days a week including Sunday.

The poker sites needed for this strategy are: WSOP, Borgata Poker (or Party Poker, they are the same network), 888 Poker, and Bovada Poker.


5k BR strat






This strategy also assumes a 50% R.O.I (Return On Investment). This simply means on average you will make 50% of your tournament buyins back as profit in time.

A 50% R.O.I. may by a bit ambitious for the beginner, but with a little training, time, and practice this level of return is completely achievable, especially on the NJ sites.

Because of the small fields, soft competition, and deep tournament structure of the New Jersey poker sites, you likely will see your return on your investment relatively quickly.

It is very possible to make $5,000 + a month on just the New Jersey sites alone, as well as playing less hours than 40 per week. However this strategy will give you the best opportunity to make AT LEAST that amount, if not much more. Feel free to omit any tournament that may be a bit too expensive at first, or that you’re unable to play for any other reason. Remember this is just a guideline.


Not from New Jersey? Click here to play online poker on Bovada from anywhere in the states!


A suggested bankroll to start this process is $2,000 – $3,000.

You can start with less than this, but you may have to re-deposit a few times if you don’t win a few tournaments right away.

Suggested deposit amounts for each site is $500 – $1,000 per site. If you’re including Bovada in your schedule, you may want to deposit more on their site than the rest. This is due to Bovada’s larger field sizes as well as their shallower tournament structure.

The payouts on Bovada will be larger when you win, but you will win with less frequency.

It is important to note that with this strategy you stand to win a lot more than $5,000 a month. It is in this author’s opinion that $5,000 a month is a very realistic expectation for profit with this strategy.

I hope this helps some of you that are thinking about taking a serious approach to making good money on the NJ Poker Sites.

Good luck, and see you on the felt!

NJPS - Hellmuth Compilation

Best of Phil Hellmuth Blowups

Phil Hellmuth is one the great poker players of our time. If you seen any his TV apperances you might have caught him ranting about some bad beat. He adds quite an interesting dynamic to the game. Defintely makes watching poker on TV more entertaining.

At NJPS we like to have fun and hope Phil Hellmuth enjoys to laugh at himself from time to time.  I’ve always wanted to make a compilation of my favorite Phil Hellmuth moments in one short video, so here it is. Hope you enjoy!

A 3 minute compilation of rants and tirades from the king. Worth a watch whether you know who this guy is or not.


Sheldon Adelson’s Crusade Against Online Poker



What’s this guy’s problem?

Sheldon Adelson is the primary force behind why online poker is illegal in the United States, and he aims to keep it that way.

Adelson, ‘an American business magnate and Republican party political donor, is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation” Wikipedia, and is estimated by Forbes magazine to be worth over $40 billion. He is also quoted as saying that he is “willing to spend whatever it takes” to stop online gambling.

My moral standard compels me to speak out on this issue because I am the largest company by far in the industry and I am willing to speak out. I don’t see any compelling reason for the government to allow people to gamble on the Internet.” He goes on to say how it can be dangerous for teens and young adults looking for fast money, and the possibility of them losing all of their money while sitting home in their underwear. This is besides the point that these regulated gambling sites he speaks of have much smaller deposit limits than any of Adelson’s casinos, making it nearly impossible to lose as much online than in a live casino.

Nevertheless Adelson’s reasoning may seem innocent enough to some, but most agree that his strong stance against regulated internet gambling is due to it cutting into his enormous business profits.

Adelson and his advocacy group, the Coalition To Stop Internet Gambling, have hired an army of lawyers and lobbyists to try to convince Congress to ban online gambling, Adelson recently revealed in a Washington Post article. Currently they are trying to introduce legislation that would clarify the Wire Act as applicable to games of skill and chance over the internet, which would effectively outlaw online poker and gambling in America.

Ideologically speaking, Adelson (a staunch republican) should love this up and coming industry. Not only will it immediately create 35,000+ jobs and bring in essential revenue for states, but it is a matter of states rights and personal freedoms VS. big government and one-size-fits-all rules.

Adelson’s attempts to stop online gambling from entering the U.S. are scary, but they can be beaten.
It will be an interesting battle but if the U.S. online poker industry keeps building and getting stronger state by state, Adelson and his paid off cronies in Washington don’t stand a chance.

NJPS INFO-Where are they

Where are the U.S. poker players?

 NJ Poker Site - Where are the online poker players?


Before the ever fateful “Black Friday” in the online poker world (April 15th, 2011), there were many millions of Americans that were signed up to online poker sites.

In fact, about 200,000 of these American players were logged on to these poker sites at any given time.


The question now is this: Where are all of these American online poker players?


Well, some just don’t play anymore. The fact that you are unable to play on the large (and legitimate) websites from the states is enough for most players to just throw in the towel.

Some have moved out of the country.  That’s right.  For better or worse, many online poker players have made the move so they could keep playing the game they love, or the game that makes them their living.

Some play the smaller sites that are still available throughout the U.S. such as Bovada Poker. While these sites are still playable, the games are smaller, and geared a bit more towards amateur gamblers (Bovada sports-betters & such).



And then there are those who are taking advantage of the new, emerging U.S. online poker industry. However, these players must be inside the state borders of New Jersey, Nevada, or Delaware to play these sites. All in all, less than 1% of the online poker players in the U.S. are able to play online poker today. That is a shockingly low number, especially when considering that the U.S. players were the online poker sites’ largest market.

New Jersey seems to be taking the lead within the U.S. online poker industry, with other states following close behind.  Not only Nevada and Delaware, but many other states plan on passing pro-online poker legislation in the coming year.  California and Virginia are tapped to be among the next states to do so. Hopefully as this industry re-develops here in the U.S. we can see more players begin to come out and play.

Online poker can be a great thing, not only for casual and professional players, but also the states and governments. There is a lot of money to be made by all, as well as jobs to be created in the industry as a whole.

Lets all who are interested help grow this market back to where it was, and where it should be.  With all of our help, we can make it better and stronger than it was before. As of now, only 1% of the players are playing. This needs to change, and it needs to change fast.