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    Possibly sooner, but the report is that they will launch in about a month.

    They will also be launching Full Tilt Poker at the same time. No other details have been reported

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    They are not launching until after the 15th of this month (october). That’s all I know. Lets go!!

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    Im wonderin what kind of tournaments they will have. Daily 20ks? Sunday majors?

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    David Weeks

    UPDATE: Rumor is now March 2015, and that Christie is doing Adelson a solid by stalling. stay tuned.

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    Nice ulaopd.And I Nice ulaopd.And I don’t know why everyone is saying this can’t be Ivey. There’s a very small handful of people in the world who fit the profile—lots of money, plays only the highest stakes, has a residence in Mexico, plays very well and plays every game (including sitting and waiting at 1k/2k HORSE tables for action). There are also things like bet sizing and the lines he takes out of position. Was this answer helpful?

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    Can’t admit you’re Can’t admit you’re wrong, I understand. One shcsenerot by a broke railbird like yourself of two people timing out (no need to do research to find THAT) at the same time is not proof. I actually agree it’s likely, but it’s not common knowledge. Maybe YOU should do some research on the term. Cya! Was this answer helpful?

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    It’s a pleasure to find such ratlonaiity in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

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