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    David Weeks

    Share some hands. Whether they be hands you would like some advice on, particular hands your proud of, or just an insane bad beat, post it here and discuss.

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    David Weeks

    Big hand from my 2014 WSOP Main Event:

    Blinds were 200/400, I started the hand with 30,000 in chips nearing the end of day 1.

    I had 55 in middle position.

    UTG good player limps (who had been limping a lot of different types of hands but palying very well after the flop).

    I limp behind with my 5’s. Button calls, SB completes, BB checks.

    Flop Q 5 2 rainbow. Everyone checks to me I make it 2,000. and the BB calls me.

    Turn comes a 7, BB checks, I bet 4,500, and the BB raises me to 15,000. I have 23,000 behind me.

    What do you do, and what do you put villain on?

    My thinking: Villain is solid player, who probably thinks it is likely I may have a set of 55 and 22 on the flop, at the very least a good Queen. He was aggressive and had a big stack, but had not done anything “çrazy” all day. There was a flush draw that came on the turn, but no flush possibilities at the moment, and the only hands that beat me are 77 and QQ. What’s his range here? 22, 77, (never QQ imo) Q-7, a random 34 suited that turned the flush draw and stuff like that? ANything else?

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    He’s got 22 or 77. I can’t fold though

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