Casinos Outside Atlantic City good for New Jersey?

It is likely that a couple of more casinos are going to close in Atlantic City sometime in the future. This is all according to a report filed from Deutsche Bank which can be seen here.[1].pdf

In the report, it was strongly suggested that New Jersey open more casinos outside of the Atlantic City. With the budget concerns lawmakers are facing and ongoing brick-and-mortar casino construction in nearby states, it would be a no-brainer.

It has been speculated that casinos in the northern part of New Jersey “could generate well over $500 million, putting [roughly] $275 million into the state’s coffers and thus is a smart move for the state.” according to a article.

Casinos built in say the Meadowlands or Jersey City can attracted a lot of the New York City gamblers who do not want to make the 2+hour trip to Atlantic City. This can potentially take away some of the PA casino client base and help New Jersey solidify itself as the east coast leader in casino gaming.

A top lawmaker in the Garden State reportedly has indicated that there’s a strong possibility of a statewide vote to determine if casinos can be built outside of Atlantic City.

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