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Garden State Super Series – Borgata & Party Poker NJ – GSSS A Success

The Garden State Super Series finished yesterday, and aside from a technical error that left the tournaments cancelled for one day, the series was a success.

Most notably was how the two sites decided to handle their technical error and tournament cancellations. After their tournaments went down mid-way through their largest buyin and guaranteed events, players were left confused and frustrated.

A day later, both sites issued an apology and payed out the affected players. They then went the extra mile and added an extra $50,000 to the prize pools of their following Sunday’s events:

Event #19 low (NLH – $50 buy-in) at 4pm with a $10,000 guarantee will have $5,000 added
Event #19 MID (NLH – $100 buy-in) at 4:30pm with a $20,000 guarantee will have $5,000 added
Event #19 HIGH (NLH – $200 buy-in) at 5pm with a $75,000 guarantee will have $20,000 added
Event #20 LOW (NLH 6 Max – $50 buy-in) at 6pm with a $10,000 guarantee will have $5,000 added
Event #20 MID (NLH 6 Max – $100 buy-in) at 6:30pm with a $20,000 guarantee will have $5,000 added
Event #20 HIGH (NLH 6 Max – $500 buy-in) at 7pm with a $50,000 guarantee will have $10,000 added

Gaining The Players’ Trust

These technical errors will hopefully become fewer and farther between, but the inevitable fact is that they will happen. How these companies deal with correcting mistakes will go a long way in gaining loyal players.

We cannot stress enough how disappointed we are in our performance on Sunday. We wanted more than anything to make a positive, memorable experience for everyone who chose to play in the GSSS. We are as upset as you to see the events we had worked so hard to create end in the manner they did.

We want you to know that we have been listening to the feedback players have been sharing with us in the last 24 hours; every post, tweet and comment we find is being used to motivate our teams to do better in the future.”
-Borgata Customer Support

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